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Innovative Ingredients to Include in Your Skincare Routine

Step Up Your Skincare

The world of skincare is forever evolving and it’s always exciting when nature and science come together to produce innovative, anti-aging formulas. If you’re ready to step up your skincare routine, here are some of the latest ‘must-have’ ingredients which you’ll find in our newest revolutionary skin solutions!

While you may already be familiar with the use of peptides in skincare formulas, Biomimetic Peptides take their anti-aging properties to the next level. By supporting certain growth factors, they offer multiple benefits for dry, mature skin, helping to boost collagen production, increase cell and tissue regeneration, reduce discoloration and prevent the breakdown of vital proteins. Combined with Neuropeptides and Oligo Elements in our new Replexagen Growth Factor Serum, Biomimetic Peptides help to slow the overall aging process and maintain your skin’s youthful appearance.

Required by every living species, oxygen has many uses in the world of medicine but is also proving to be an anti-aging superstar! Until now, one of the problems skincare researchers came up against was how to transport vital oxygen molecules to where they were needed the most; for the answer, they turned to science and an ingredient called Perfluorodecalin. With the ability to deliver large amounts of oxygen to even the most remote capillaries in the body, this liquid fluorocarbon is one of the most effective weapons in the fight against aging! If you want to experience its skin restoring benefits for yourself, you can find Perfluorodecalin in the Plasmatox Oxygen Plasma Serum which not only reduces the appearance of existing signs of aging but enhances the positive effects of other key skincare ingredients.

Although White Oak Bark Extract has been used in traditional topical remedies for centuries, it’s only recently that its amazing skincare properties are being recognized by the mainstream beauty industry. But what is it about this natural ingredient – officially known as Quercus Alba – that make it so noteworthy? Well, in addition to being a potent source of skin-renewing plant stem cells, it is rich in tannins, natural astringents with powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic benefits. This means that in addition to soothing irritation and reducing swelling, it prevents bacterial infections, keeping the skin clear and blemish free. The full effects of this skin-healing active ingredient can be experienced in the Somaxcell Anti-Inflammatory Mask which, when worn overnight, penetrates deep into the skin for transformative results while you sleep