Dry Skin

When the first blossoms appear on the trees and you no longer have to take at least 10 minutes preparing to step outside, you know that spring is on its way! After months of being cooped up in stuffy, over-heated rooms, many of us can’t wait to shed the layers and enjoy the sunshine. But before you do, here are 4 ways to switch up your skincare routine and welcome the new season.

Lighten Up

You can finally put away that super-rich moisturizer and switch to something a bit lighter. While heavy-duty creams are great for protecting our skin from the harsh winter elements, they’ll simply be unnecessary when spring rolls around.

A lighter day cream such as Dermaxsol by Solvaderm is ideal – it contains highly moisturizing natural ingredients and protects the skin from UV rays which is just what’s needed on those sunny spring days.

A Different Tone

You may find that once you start getting out and about in the sun, your winter foundation is simply too light and you need to go a few tones darker. While spring isn’t the time to go completely foundation free, choosing a formula with less coverage works well and is a great transition to warmer weather make-up.

Start Shedding

With spring being a season of renewal, now is the time to give your skin an exfoliating treatment, ridding it of dead cell build-up and revealing fresh, glowing skin beneath.

Using something that is effective but won’t leave the skin irritated or red is essential – Solvaderm's Glowpeel formula provides skin-boosting brighteners that will eliminate all traces of that tired and oh-so-dull winter skin!

Grab a Glass

All those months of cocoa and hot toddies may have been a comfort against the chill of winter, but now is the time to up your water intake. Instead of reaching for a latte, grab a glass of water, or carry around a water bottle to sip on throughout the day.

As well as flushing out toxins that can leave your skin looking less than clear, water helps to plump the skin cells, giving your visage a smoother, more even-textured surface.

Ready to kick off your spring skincare routine?

Dry Skin

The Skin Essentials Starter Pack makes it easy, with an 8-item collection of best-selling treatments such as Stemuderm, Glowpeel, and Ace-Ferulic, plus a full-size lip balm, all in a beautiful reusable bag. Order yours today while stocks last!

Written by Melissa Feldman

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