Most of us experience dry skin at some point in our lives. Dry skin on our faces can be particularly disheartening, however, as it can look unsightly and also be very uncomfortable. Dryness can lead to inflammation and irritation if symptoms go untreated and, in some rare cases, it can indicate some more serious issues.

But more than likely, simply making minor adjustments in your skincare routine can help tremendously.

Some characteristics of dry skin include:

1. Tightness – After showering or washing your face, it feels as though your skin could split in two if you smile or stretch it in any direction. Washing with warm water instead of hot will help. More importantly, hydrating immediately afterward with the right moisturizer like Dermaxsol will soothe, nourish, and protect your skin for the day.

2. Scaly, Flaky, or Rough Skin – If your face has the texture of sandpaper, there’s a good chance you are using the wrong skin cleanser. Harsh soaps and other products can strip the skin of natural oils. Choose a mild face wash like Rejuvoderm that conditions without over-drying skin.

3. Itching and Redness – An annoying but common symptom of dry skin is itching. Using an intense hydrating moisturizer at night such as Suvoderm will repair skin while you sleep. Formulations like Suvoderm use natural botanical extracts to provide long-lasting hydration and protection.

4. Cracked Skin – If all the above symptoms are not dealt with, skin can become inflamed and eventually crack or tear - sometimes even bleed. Once this happens it’s important to really take extra care. Consider an advanced formulation such as Excelagene, a super moisturizing serum that delivers intense hydration for severely dehydrated skin.

Ignoring dry skin symptoms for prolonged periods of time will exacerbate the problem and possibly lead to more significant concerns. If the skin is cracked due to incessant scratching or constant irritation, bacteria can seep below the surface and enter the body, causing infection.

Prevention is the best medicine, and following a few simple rules with the right products can keep your skin soft, radiant, and smooth.

Written by Melissa Feldman

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