Skin feeling parched these days? Itchy, tight, irritated? A skincare routine designed specifically for dry skin will help alleviate these symptoms and quench dehydrated skin.

Follow these basic steps and you’ll soon see a vibrant, glowing difference in your complexion:

Gently Cleanse: Start with a gentle face wash, priming it for the day ahead. Choose a cleanser that’s free of harsh ingredients like alcohol or benzoyl peroxide. Instead, go for a formulation that includes soothing elements like Seaweed extract, Glycerin, and Rose Hip seed oil. Dermpura is an effective cleanser that contains all these ingredients and has a gentle foaming action that leaves skin feeling fresh and invigorated, rather than over-dry and taut. And don't forget - never use hot water on your skin; a lukewarm temperature is much kinder to dry skin, especially if you have some sensitivity too. 

Moisturize: To lock in moisture all day, you’re going to need a powerful face cream. Products like Dermaxsol are designed to penetrate deeply while hydrating for hours after application. It also contains SPF-30, which is essential for keeping skin shielded from searing UV rays.

Supplemental Nourishment: For super dry skin that’s rough to the touch, try an intense hydration serum, such as Excelagene. It delivers maximum results to flaky, itchy skin, and even forms a protective barrier to help retain moisture throughout the day. You may want to try this added step if you are experiencing excessive dry skin symptoms.

Wash It Again, Sam: After a full day battling the environment, bacteria, and dry conditions, your face needs to be revived and refreshed. Use your cleanser once again to remove impurities and renew your complexion.

Repair and Restore: To complete the regimen, use a superior night cream like Suvoderm, a professional-strength overnight repair treatment. Its highly concentrated formula utilizes powerful ingredients including vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and avocado oil to fortify, restructure, and deeply hydrate while you sleep.

Written by Melissa Feldman

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