Fine lines and wrinkles on our forehead can make us look prematurely aged, which is something no-one wants!  Because we use our foreheads so much to express ourselves, in particular frowning or showing surprise, they're more prone to becoming lined and wrinkled. Of course, there are people that choose to limit their muscle movement through cosmetic injections as a way to prevent further damage, but often these procedures are unnatural, expensive, and risky.

With so many good quality skincare products now available, it is easier than ever to treat vulnerable skin, as long as you know the key active ingredients to look for. Here are a few ingredients that create good quality and effective anti-aging skin products.

Stem Cells

The inclusion of stem cells as a way to treat aging skin is relatively new but is certainly proving to be a breakthrough in skincare; some experts even describe it as ‘miraculous’.  Stem cells taken from rare Swiss apples help to promote skin healing and cellular renewal, and may even inhibit aging on areas where applied. Using a serum with stem cells such as Solvaderm's Stemnucell is an effective way to take advantage of these amazing ingredients.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid or HA, as it is sometimes labeled, is undoubtedly one of the most important ingredients for wrinkle prevention. The key to ensuring skin stays smooth, plump and line-free is making sure it is well hydrated and there is no better ingredient to do this than Hyaluronic Acid. Using products that have Hyaluronic Acid, like Solvaderm’s Excelagene, can attract moisture from the atmosphere and lock it in the skin for long-lasting hydration.

While moisture is abundant in young skin, older skin needs extra hydration as cellular regeneration slows down, leading to drier, wrinkled skin surfaces. If you can find a product like Excelagene that actually goes one step further by providing low and high molecular weight HA to your skin, you will be at an advantage. Low HA penetrates deep below the skin layers, while high HA remains on the surface of the skin to act as a barrier against moisture loss.


Peptides are another essential part of a good antiaging skincare product as they provide nourishment for aging skin cells and promote cell renewal. One particularly beneficial peptide is Acetyl sh-Heptapepide-1 which is used in products like Excelagene and Stemuderm. This potent peptide actually helps to bolster the skin’s natural defense system, allowing it to fight signs of aging and preserve essential DNA. Other peptides include Matrixyl 3000 which is particularly beneficial for deep wrinkles and Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, to help the skin withstand damage. Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 mimics the effects of cosmetic injections by inhibiting muscle contractions but does so naturally and with no risk to the user.

Glycolic and Lactic Acids

Ridding your skin of dead skin cells by exfoliating is also an important way to keep skin healthy and youthful in appearance. Glycolic and Lactic acids are two of the best skin exfoliants, effectively removing damaged cells and promoting skin cell turnover. But unlike some chemical peels, they won’t leave the skin sore or irritated.

Both of these acids help smooth the skin surface and improve its structure, and are included in products like Solvaderm’s Glowpeel.

Written by Melissa Feldman

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