Applying makeup to dry skin can be a challenge, especially when the skin is rough and flaky. However, achieving a smooth, polished look is possible if you follow a few simple steps.

Start With a Clean Slate – Creating a clean 'canvas' for your make-up is imperative. While skin should be thoroughly cleansed and free from dirt and impurities, you need to use a cleanser that won't over-dry or irritate it in the process. A cleanser like Rejuvoderm has conditioning extracts that will very gently refresh and clarify the surface, without upsetting the delicate moisture balance.

Prep and Prime - Before applying foundation, your face needs to be well hydrated and smooth. Choose a moisturizer that is formulated for dry skin and contains UV protection, such as Dermaxsol. While its hydrating ingredients ensure the skin stays soft and supple, the lightweight formula absorbs quickly, creating the perfect surface for make-up.

Build a Strong Foundation – In addition to giving the skin an even, flawless finish, your foundation can also help combat dryness. Opt for a brand that is specifically made for dry skin, avoiding any that give an overly matte finish. If your skin only requires light coverage, consider using a tinted moisturizer instead or mix a little concealer with a face cream and apply where needed.

Ditch the Powder – Using face powder is not the best idea for anyone with dry skin as it can accentuate rough, flaky patches. Instead, opt for a refreshing finishing spray that will set your make-up without drying it out.

Removal and Restoration – Removing all traces of make-up before bed is important, of course, but you need to use a product that works gently, without irritating the skin. Follow this step with a heavier, rich cream that will help to repair and restore the skin overnight such as Suvoderm.  With powerful antioxidants and intense hydrating ingredients, it alleviates dryness and gets skin primed for the following day.

Written by Melissa Feldman

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