Treating dry skin takes more than simply applying moisturizer after washing. While moisturizing is important, take note of these other tips to treat dry skin properly and even prevent it from happening in the first place.

Do take care with the type of make-up you use. Choose a foundation specially made for dry skin types containing nourishing, hydrating ingredients. Avoid using face powder if possible as this will simply highlight any dry patches on the skin.

Do use a cleanser and ditch the soap. Many commercial soaps are too drying and leave skin tight and uncomfortable. A good cleanser will retain the skin’s natural balance of oils but still wash away the day’s dirt and debris. 

Do take advantage of your skin’s ability to heal itself at night and apply a rich moisturizer made specifically for over-dry skin. Solvaderm’s Suvoderm is a night time rescue repair treatment that intensely hydrates, smoothing away fine lines and leaving the skin soft and silky. 

Do use a sunscreen. The sun’s UV rays are responsible for the majority of skin damage and premature aging so it’s essential that your skincare products have the added protection of a sunscreen. Dermaxsol, Solvaderm’s daily moisturizing cream, contains SPF 30 to prevent sunburn and provide a non-greasy moisture barrier to keep irritants and other environmental factors from harming delicate skin. 

Do treat your skin to a deep moisturizing face mask once in a while. As well as being a good excuse to relax and let the stresses of the day melt away, an intense treatment will provide deep hydration for parched skin. Look for one that contains rich moisturizing oils, vitamins and nourishing botanicals.

Don’t use strong astringents after cleansing. While people with dry skin should still use a toner, make sure it contains ingredients that support the skin’s pH balance and won’t leave it over-dry. Solvaderm’s Maxatone toner is part of their Daily Hydration System and contains Hyaluronic Acid for powerful hydrating benefits.

Don’t wash the skin with hot water, as it will strip the natural oils. A cooler, more tepid temperature will still clean the skin effectively but not create any rough, flaky dry patches. 

Don’t skip the serum! An intensely moisturizing serum such as Excelagene by Solvaderm is specifically formulated for mild to severely dry skin and will provide the added care it needs. By creating a protective barrier, moisture is locked in and skin remains fully hydrated and plumped.

Don’t use a harsh scrub on the skin, and exfoliate with care. Exfoliation is great for removing dead skin cells and revealing a brighter complexion but make sure it’s a gentle formulation such as Solvaderm’s Glowpeel which will enhance the skin’s appearance without causing irritation.

Don’t eat over-processed junk foods. What you put in your body will show on your skin so make sure your diet is high in fruits, veggies and other nutrient-rich foods. Good fats and antioxidant ‘super foods’ benefit dry and damaged skin and give a healthy, clear and evenly-toned complexion.  

Written by Melissa Feldman

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