Coping with sensitive skin is not an easy task. The challenge lies in the fact that many everyday substances and products seem to exacerbate the problem. To simplify life, we’ve put together a list of common irritants you should try to avoid if you have sensitive skin.


Scent plays a big part in the overall skincare experience, and many skincare creators use synthetic fragrances to add appeal. Those with sensitive skin tend to react negatively to these additives, which cause the skin to become inflamed and itchy. A skincare line such as Solvaderm uses natural extracts instead, including lavender oil, calendula flower, sage leaf, and lemon peel. These infuse a delicate scent and are gentle on fragile skin.


UV rays can wreak havoc on sensitive skin that is thin and delicate. Those with sensitive skin have a tendency towards burning and can even be more susceptible to skin cancer according to some experts. It’s imperative you use a moisturizer with added sunscreen protection like Dermaxsol, which has SPF 30, even in the winter months and on cloudy days.


Sulfates are a popular additive in soaps and cleansers that can really dry out the skin, leaving it itchy and tender. Try using a mild face wash such as Rejuvaderm that incorporates gentle botanical extracts to delicately wash away dirt while providing needed moisture.


Many skincare companies add alcohol to their formulations. Alcohol is a no-no for those suffering from extremely sensitive skin. If you use a toner, make sure you choose one that is alcohol-free such as Maxatone, created with all-natural botanical extracts that intensely hydrate and nourish without overly drying.


A lot of soaps and face washes on the market use parabens, antibacterial compounds that can cause severe irritation. Even more alarming, research is showing that parabens cause a myriad of more serious health issues such as cancer and hormone imbalance. A facial cleanser like Dermpura is formulated without harmful parabens, using a combination of effective, gentle ingredients in their place.

Written by Melissa Feldman

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