Most people struggle with unwanted fats stored in different parts of their body. They put so much effort into keeping it off, especially their tummies. There’s another area in which fat becomes quite a bother - the face. When fat collects on the face, it can alter a person’s appearance. This pushes a lot of people to find ways to achieve more defined facial features. If you want a slim face, then we’ve got some good news for you. With a little work from your side, you can get rid of this fat and contour your face to what you desire.

Understanding Facial Fat

In most cases, facial fat is caused when there is an increase in body weight. When you gain extra pounds, your body stores the surplus calories as fat pushing it to different areas of your body. Your neck and face get a fair share of this fat distribution. You will notice that your face is getting rounder than usual. This rings the alarm for some people.

Remember that there are two fat layers in your face. The first is a superficial type of fat layer. It sits between the superficialis fascia and your skin[1]. This is usually the fat that becomes prominent on the face as you gain weight. The other layer of fat serves as a protective element in your face.

Are Facial Exercises Actually Effective?

Face slimming exercises have become quite popular nowadays. A lot of people are trying these exercises to reduce the amount of fat deposits in their faces. One very important question that you might ask at this point is whether or not these exercises actually work.

There are facial exercises you can do and the efficacy can differ from one to another. Overall, there isn’t a lot of evidence[2] to suggest that they work. However, many people still find these exercises effective after noticing a difference in their faces in about two to three weeks.

It’s not just about getting rid of facial fat, though. When asking, “Do face exercises work?”, it’s safe to say they have positive effects on the muscles. These exercises can also make a big difference in improving muscle tone in your face.

The Best Facial Exercises to Try For a Slim Face

As you explore this article, you will learn more about strategies and find out how to slim your face. Now, let’s take a closer look at the actual exercises that you can do to experience these benefits. We’ll consider six of the best options that seem to offer the most effective results.

  • Ball exercise: For this one, you will need a special facial ball to release the tension and to improve your muscle tone in areas such as your forehead. You’re going to put gentle pressure on the ball so that it presses down on the muscle, then move it sideways following a scooping motion.

  • Tongue exercise: If you prefer exercises that don’t require any equipment, then tongue exercises might be what you need. They’re simple and easy to do. Simply start by sliding the tip of your tongue along your tooth line. Move your tongue to the left and hold it there for about five seconds. Bring your tongue back to the center, then move to the right and hold.

  • Fish face: Fish face exercise is excellent when you want a slim face. Suck in your cheeks to make “fish lips” - hold for about 10 to 20 seconds, and release. You can repeat this a couple of times.

  • Jaw flex: Jaw exercises can be done with or without the equipment. The patented JawFlex exerciser can help you achieve that chiseled jawline. If you don’t want to use equipment, then simply open up your mouth as wide as you can without feeling any pain. Hold for a few seconds, and then relax your jaw.

  • Upper-eye exercise: The upper-eye exercise is a great option for targeting your eyebrow region. Start by closing your eyes. Press your thumb on your upper eyelid, and then try to open your eye while doing this. After five seconds, let go of your thumb and open your eyes slowly.

  • Chin lift: If you’re aiming for a defined jawline, then the chin lift is an excellent exercise choice. Bring your head up so that your chin points toward the roof. While you’re doing this, flex your jaw forward until you feel the muscles underneath your chin tightening a bit. You can hold this position for about five seconds before releasing it.

What Else Can You Do For A Slim Face?

As mentioned, facial exercises can help you slim your face and achieve that defined look. Let’s take a look at strategies that you should use alongside these exercises to maximize your results.

  • Limit alcohol consumption: Alcohol is a big culprit when it comes to weight gain. The alcohol you drink has high calories, and this adds up even more with your mixers. Try to limit your alcohol intake if you’re trying to reduce face fat.

  • Cut back on refined carbs: While foods that contain refined carbs might be tasty, they also contribute to weight gain. Losing face fat might be a little bit harder if your overall body weight is constantly going up.

  • Get enough sleep: People often overlook the importance of sleep. In fact, studies have already shown[3] that sleep disturbances and unhealthy sleep patterns affect body fat distribution. Prioritize getting at least seven hours of quality sleep every night.

  • Eat more carbs: While refined carbs are not very healthy, you should still include good carbs in your diet. A moderate amount of healthy carbs can help you feel full and give you more energy - which you need when you exercise.

  • Stay hydrated: Your body needs enough water to stay hydrated. This can promote fat loss and keep your skin healthy and glowing. Try to drink more water to keep you hydrated and maintain overall health. A product like the Excelagene Intensive Hydration Serum can also help to contribute to skin hydration.

  • Create a skincare routine: Develop a proper skincare routine and facial massages. You can incorporate into your skincare routine the exercises for a slim face. This should give you more positive results.

Combining these steps with a good serum, such as the Stemuderm Anti-Wrinkle Treatment, can also help to reduce signs of aging as you improve your facial tone.

It’s also important to avoid using harsh products that could lead to reactions, like inflammation of your skin. Use a gentle product when washing your face, such as the Dermpura Skin Balancing Cleanser.

The same goes for toners that focus on improving your skin tone. The Maxatone Clarifying Toner, for example, uses gentle and natural ingredients that are effective but won’t cause inflammation or irritation of your skin.

How to Add Facial Exercises to Your Day-To-Day Life?

Now that you’ve learned more about slim face exercises, it’s time to consider how you can incorporate them into your daily life.

The best option is to make these exercises part of your daily skincare routine. They’re not very intensive, so you don’t need to worry about sweating as they only focus on the muscles in your face.

When you make them part of your skincare routine, you won’t forget to do your daily face exercises to lose face fat and build muscle tone.

Using high-quality skincare products can also do a lot for your skin. They can enhance your appearance and make you look more appealing. For example, the Ageless Skin System is a complete regimen created to give you a natural way to fight against the signs of aging, create clear skin, and promotes overall skin health.

This can help when it comes to improving the overall effects that you're going for. It uses ingredients like hyaluronic acid, acetyl hexapeptide-8, and squalane to help you achieve these results.

You should also focus on using a high-quality moisturizer, such as the Infusoderm Deep Hydration Moisturizer, that can improve your skin’s general health while you perform these exercises.

Facial Exercises FAQs

Should I do facial exercises in the morning or at night?

Most people find that facial exercises are most effective in the morning. It’s easier to implement them at this time of the day and gives you a good headstart for the day ahead.

Can you overdo facial exercises?

Yes, it’s certainly possible to overdo facial exercises. Remember that these exercises will work on the muscles in your face - and just like other muscles in your body, it’s possible that you can strain them and experience some pain and discomfort.

How long do face exercises take to work?

Don’t expect to experience results right away. Most people find that it takes a few weeks before they can start to see results. You’ll see positive results when you do these exercises every day.

At what age does your face change most?

Your facial features may start to change when you're in your 30s, the most significant changes happen in your 40s and 50s.

Key Takeaway

Maintaining a slim face might be a little challenging, but doing your regular face exercises can help achieve your target. Establishing a good skincare regimen can be a great addition to your face exercise routine to help reduce the amount of fat that collects in your face. It’s important to start slow with these and do not overwork your face muscles. Follow the tips we shared and you’ll get positive results in no time.



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