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Sensitive Skin: Latest Makeup Hacks You Must Choose


Makeup Tips for Sensitive Skin


Coming into contact with any new product is a challenge for those with sensitive skin and make-up is no different. You can avoid flare-ups and irritation by combining proper skincare techniques with products that are formulated for skin sensitivity. Putting on makeup is supposed to enhance and accentuate our most valuable features, not aggravate them.

We’ve put together some helpful tips to make the makeup application process easy and successful, resulting in a smooth, uniform complexion.

Get a Fresh Start –  Your skin should be free from dirt and impurities without the need for scrubbing, which will irritate your skin. A cleanser like Rejuvoderm has conditioning extracts that will very gently refresh and clarify the surface, preparing your face for the next steps.

Prep and Prime – Before you begin, your face needs to be well hydrated and nourished. Choosing the right moisturizer that is formulated for sensitive skin is vital, especially one with added sunscreen protection such as Dermaxsol. The sun’s harmful rays will only exacerbate any skin issues so shield it as much as possible.

Build a Strong Foundation – Foundation is essential for those with sensitive skin, as it camouflages any blemishes and smooths out any redness. Look for a lightweight formulation that is free from irritants and chemicals. Although oil-based foundations add texture and moisture, they tend to look heavy. A water-based product that is designed for sensitive skin would be a wiser choice.

Sprinkle on the Powder – A powder finish will hold your look in place. Use a makeup brush and lightly dab on loose powder, then gently pat the powder over your nose and other areas that are prone to be shiny.

Removal and Restoration – Removing the day's dirt and debris in the evening is vital, but a gentle touch is needed on sensitive skin. Using your clarifying cleanser again, wash your face carefully with lukewarm water so you don’t upset the surface. For your nighttime rescue, you need a specially formulated night cream that will boost hydration and seal in moisture like Suvoderm, which has powerful antioxidants and other super-hydrating ingredients that fortify your skin’s fragile structure, leaving it radiant and smooth as silk.