Health and wellness have been tremendously influencing the lifestyle of the older and current generations. New norms in self-care practices have emerged and changed the landscape of skincare products producing a wide variety of skincare routines, regimens, and even treatments. One particular skincare regime that has been making noise worldwide is the Korean skincare routine. These products are known for ingredients that have been clinically tested and are used following a step-by-step system. This article serves as a guide for those who want to try a Korean skincare regimen and incorporate it into their routine.

How Does Korean Skincare Work?

Koreans are known to be huge fans of healthy glowing skin. Their skincare practices are not about acquiring flawless skin but are rooted in having self-confidence. Hence, it is more of a lifestyle than a target routine. Korean skincare regimen doesn’t focus on covering up or camouflaging flaws such as pigmentation or breakouts. Koreans take pride in having healthy and radiant skin, hence, they start doing these skincare routines at a young age. Their goal is to get long-term positive results.

The concept of the Korean skincare routine is to keep the skin healthy and glowing by targeting existing skin problems and nurturing it to achieve desired results over time. It might take a while to see the desired outcome, but the results will bring one’s self-esteem to a higher level.

What Makes Korean Skincare Products Unique?

The Western world tends to use a variety of chemicals when it comes to creating skincare products. While these products do provide good results in some cases, the chemicals can sometimes also be harsh on the skin.

The best Korean skincare products use ingredients that aren’t so popular in the Western world. This is because Korean skincare brands undergo clinical validation by sourcing different types of natural ingredients[1]. This is what makes these products so unique. They don’t use random ingredients but rather focus on natural compounds that have been proven to be safe.


The 10-step Korean Skincare Routine

Understanding the Korean skincare routine order is an integral part of the regimen itself. You must follow the right steps to take full advantage of the benefits. Let’s take a look at the step-by-step process.

  • Oil-based cleanser: Start with a good oil-based cleanser. This helps to get rid of dead skin cells[2] without stripping your skin of its natural oils. Make sure you are using a high-quality cleanser.

  • Water-based cleanser: After the oil-based cleanser, the next step is to use a water-based cleanser. This ensures that all debris and dead skin cells left on your skin are removed. This should leave your skin like a clean canvas and prepared for the next steps.

  • Exfoliant: A high-quality exfoliator can be used up to two times a week for a deeper cleansing effect. This further helps the skin free of dead skin cells. Exfoliants may come as microbeads or liquid form such as serums. The Solvaderm Glowpeel Dermal Exfoliation Serum is a powerful but gentle exfoliant that is suitable for all skin types. It uses natural ingredients to safely remove dead skin cells allowing brighter and glowing skin to resurface.

  • Toner: The toner is an important part of the daily skincare routine and is done after cleansing your skin. While chemicals are also helpful, using one with a natural formula is better especially if you have sensitive skin. Maxatone Clarifying Toner is formulated with botanical astringents and other natural ingredients that prevent breakouts and soothe irritations. Make sure to towel dry your skin before using this toner.

  • Essence: Korean skincare also includes the use of essences after applying a toner. They work on the skin on a cellular level and target skin problems such as wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Face oil or serum: Serums or face oils are essential in keeping the skin hydrated and restoring moisture balance and the skin’s natural elasticity.

  • Sheet mask: A sheet mask can help to improve hydration on your skin. It cleanses and brightens the skin and prevents your skin from breaking out. However, it is not recommended to use this product daily. Always check the package for usage instructions.

  • Eye cream: Eye creams are very helpful especially if you’re struggling with dark circles under your eyes. Eye creams can also minimize puffiness and wrinkles around the eye area. Solvaderm’s Eyevage is formulated to help you target these concerns giving you positive results in as little as four weeks.

  • Moisturizer: This is a basic element of all skincare routines. Always look for high-quality moisturizers that will help balance your skin moisture and keep your skin hydrated. The Infusoderm Deep Hydration Daily Moisturizer is an ultralight moisturizer that delivers instant refreshing and revitalizing effects. It has powerful antioxidants that give you complete protection from free radicals and delay the aging process.

  • Sunscreen: This is the final and important part of the process. Using high-quality sunscreen that can provide protection to your skin throughout the day[3] ensures you with a strong layer from sunburn and harmful UV rays.

What to Know After You Do Your Korean Skincare Routine?

Understanding the Korean skincare routine is a good start if you’re considering incorporating it into your daily regimen. You also need to be conscious of other necessary practices especially if you are following the Korean skincare steps.

  • Be gentle: Being gentle on your skin is not only about the physical touch. Being gentle on your skin is being careful with all the products you use for your skin. You must always check the ingredients before using any skincare product. Always opt for items with natural and gentle formulations. When applying these products, do it with gentle pressure. Avoid using harsh facial brushes as they can cause irritation, swelling, and redness.

  • Hydrate with every step: Proper hydration is essential not only for your skin but also for your overall health. Thus, drinking enough water can keep health issues, including skin problems at bay.

  • Always finish with sunscreen: Never forget to apply sunscreen before heading out. A high-quality sunscreen can help protect you against UV exposure which can potentially cause certain skin cancers.


Can Anyone Use A Korean Skincare Routine?

Korean skincare routine is not exclusive to the people who created it. It’s a type of routine that anyone can benefit from.

To maximize the benefits of this routine, you need to be familiar with the recommended products and the steps that you need to follow. Knowing your skin type can also help you make better choices when deciding which products are appropriate for your skin.

For example, the Infusoderm Deep Hydration Daily Moisturizer is very helpful if you’re struggling with dry skin.

Some products are designed for all skin types. If you need a gentle yet effective exfoliator, the Glowpeel Dermal Exfoliation Serum, also from Solvaderm, is an excellent choice for all skin types including combination skin. This helps exfoliate your skin without causing irritations.

Korean Skincare FAQs

Does Korean skincare really work?

Yes, Korean skincare routines are great because they focus on improving the health and appearance of your skin, while also protecting it from harmful elements.

How Do I start with Korean skincare?

It’s best to begin by incorporating the step-by-step routine into your daily regimen. It might feel a bit overwhelming at first, but remember that this is the way to healthy glowing skin.

Do Koreans do skincare every day?

Yes, a classic Korean skincare routine should be done two times every day. This ensures you get all the benefits.

How to get Korean glass skin?

The best way to get the most sought-after Korean glass skin is to practice the skincare routine every day. This means you have to use the right products and follow the steps correctly.


Korean skincare routine has gained popularity globally because of its visible results and long-term effects. Most Koreans practice this routine at an early making it a vital part of their lifestyle. Using the recommended products and following the step-by-step process are essential to achieving positive outcomes and adding this routine into your lifestyle will surely boost your self esteem.



Amna Eltawil

Amna Eltawil

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