You’ve probably come across social media posts where people have praised the benefits of facial yoga exercises for giving you a youthful, toned appearance. Indeed, facial yoga offers a wide range of benefits, and we recommend that you give it a try. In this article, we’ll introduce you to facial yoga and teach you the most effective exercises. Read on to learn more!

What is Facial Yoga?

Facial yoga [1] refers to a series of exercises and stretches that specifically target the face muscles, and it’s a natural method for toning, rejuvenating, and improving the appearance of the face and neck.

Former English teacher Fumiko Takatsu invented the method. She was involved in a car accident that affected the symmetry of her face, and during the recovery process, she realized that she could exercise the muscles in both her body and her face. After several weeks of facial yoga exercises, she started noticing results.

How Does Facial Yoga Work?

Facial yoga works by stimulating the facial muscles [2] in two ways. The first is using your hands or fingers to massage your entire face or specific areas. The second is performing facial movements or exercises that work on specific muscles. By engaging these muscles, facial yoga can stimulate blood flow and bring nutrients and oxygen to the skin.

In addition to facial yoga, consider adding a face-tightening cream to your skincare routine to boost collagen and elastin production and improve firmness and elasticity.

How Long Does It Take Face Yoga to Work?

Face yoga isn’t a quick fix for saggy skin, as it requires some time and patience. It takes about 3 or 4 weeks of facial yoga exercises to see initial results if you carry them out consistently. Ideally, you should do facial yoga 6 or 7 days a week for 20 to 30 minutes each session. Make sure to keep up the exercises to maintain your results.


The 7 Best Facial Yoga Exercises

Face yoga is versatile and can address multiple issues, for example, there are facial exercises for double chin issues and for reducing signs of aging. These are some of the best face yoga exercises you can start doing today.

1. Binocular Pose

Using your fingers, form binoculars around your eyebrows, cheeks, and across your face. Raise your eyebrows without wrinkling your forehead excessively, then squint and raise them again. We recommend doing up to 50 reps each session.

The delicate skin around the eyes also requires a targeted skincare product, and we think Eyevage anti-wrinkle eye cream is a must-have.

2. No Botox Forehead Lift

Place 4 fingers intertwined over your forehead and apply gentle pressure as if you’re trying to lift the skin. Either hold the position for 60 seconds or do 50 reps per session.

Combine this exercise with Stemuderm Anti-Wrinkle Cream for a smoother forehead and a youthful complexion.

3. Cheekbone Lift

Begin by opening your mouth wide, and then try to lift your cheeks and keep your teeth covering your lips. Hold the position for 10 seconds, then release and do 50 reps.

Saggy skin may need additional help, so along with doing facial yoga, we recommend that you upgrade your skincare regimen. Include new products like Revivatone Skin Firming And Lifting Cream for skin health and anti-aging benefits.

4. Neck and Jawline Toning Exercise

This is one of the best facial exercises for jowls, and it requires you to tilt your face slightly upward and move your chin in the direction of your right shoulder. Hold the position for three seconds, return to center, then do the same on your left side. Ideally, do 20 reps on each side in every session.

You can maximize the results of neck and jawline toning exercises by adding the best firming face cream to your skincare routine and using it twice daily.

5. Pucker Up

You can make your lips appear firmer by doing this exercise regularly. Start by puckering up your lips and then loosening them slightly, and repeat for 60 seconds or more. For a sculpted look, combine ‘pucker up’ with facial exercises for a double chin issues.

6. Smiling Exercise

One way to strengthen the facial muscles is to smile 50 times and then hold your facial position in a soft smile for 50 seconds. Make sure not to wrinkle your eyes.

7. Facial Massage

After cleansing and patting dry, massage your face gently for about 30 minutes by pressing your fingertips into the facial muscles to alleviate tension. For radiant skin, combine massage and facial exercises for jowls or other areas.

The Benefits of Facial Yoga

Facial yoga offers a wide range of benefits that include:

  • Improving Muscle Tone: These exercises strengthen the facial muscles, which reduces sagging and promotes a more defined, sculpted look. The effects are similar to what you would get using a quality face-tightening cream regularly.

  • Enhancing Blood Circulation: Facial yoga improves circulation, which allows the skin to get the oxygen and nutrients that are crucial for skin health [3].

  • Decreasing Tension: These exercises can alleviate facial tension, and they may also minimize fine lines and wrinkles. It’s good to combine facial yoga with a high-quality face-tightening cream for best results.

  • Rejuvenating the Skin: Facial exercises stimulate collagen and elastin production, improving skin elasticity and firmness. Research [4] indicates that even non-facial physical activity can reduce circulating inflammatory factors and enhance dermal extracellular matrices.

  • Promoting Relaxation: Facial yoga is relaxing and could be a practical way to relieve stress and improve mood.

  • Improving Scar Appearance: Facial yoga may decrease the appearance of scars by making them thinner and more pliable.

Does Facial Yoga Have Risks or Side Effects?

Facial yoga is considered safe, but there is a chance that it could lead to wrinkles in some people. Repetitive motions impair skin elasticity and may contribute to fine lines and wrinkles, which is the opposite of the effect you want to achieve with these exercises. While some people may find that facial yoga causes wrinkles, in others it reduces them [5].

Factors that play a key role in skin health include lifestyle, skincare routine, and genetics. That’s why it’s important to combine facial exercises with a consistent skincare regimen that includes a high-quality face-tightening cream. You must be cautious if you have dermal fillers, as facial exercises could decrease their longevity.


Which Areas Does Facial Yoga Improve?

Facial yoga exercises target different areas of your face, including the following:

  • Forehead: Facial exercises make your forehead smoother and more youthful-looking.

  • Eyes: Exercises that target the area around the eyes may relieve puffiness and minimize the appearance of crow’s feet.

  • Cheeks: Facial exercises tone the cheek muscles to give you a more defined look, especially when you combine facial yoga with the best firming face cream.

  • Jawline: Facial exercises for jowls can make your chin and jawline look more defined to give you a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance.

Facial yoga helps tone different areas, so the results depend on the exercises you choose. For example, if you want a more defined neck and jawline, focus on facial exercises for double chin issues. If you want more definition in your cheeks, do exercises that target this area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does facial yoga work?

Facial yoga exercises do work, according to current evidence. A study published in JAMA Dermatology [6] found that a 20-week, 30-minute daily, or alternate-day facial exercise program improved self-perceived facial appearance including mid-face and lower-face fullness by toning muscles.

Facial exercises aren’t only effective for improving appearance, they also benefit mental health. Evidence shows [7] that doing facial exercises regularly can reduce chronic stress, improve mood, and help manage depression. More research is necessary to elucidate all the benefits of these exercises.

When should I start doing facial yoga?

You can start facial yoga whenever you want, as you’re never too old or young to do facial exercises for double chin issues or fuller cheeks. Teens and young adults can do facial yoga to keep their skin radiant and prevent signs of aging, while mature adults can use these exercises to improve skin elasticity and muscle tone.

Which exercises make your skin glow?

Several exercises can give you glowing skin, including kissing and smiling, puffing your cheeks, chanting “Om” with a smile, making a fish face, lifting your eyebrows, stretching your eyelids, and yogic breathing. The key is to perform 10 to 15 reps of each exercise regularly.

In addition to facial exercises, yoga, cardio, and strength training can give you glowing skin. Stay active, work out, and apply the best firming face cream to maximize your results.

Can facial yoga reduce fat on your face?

Facial yoga can tone the facial muscles and improve skin elasticity, which can give you a more defined appearance. However, you have to lose body weight to significantly decrease face fat. Exercising regularly and following a healthy, nutritious diet can help with weight loss.

Which yoga poses are best for the face?

Various yoga postures or asanas are wonderful facial exercises for jowls and promote a radiant complexion. The best ones to try are the plow pose (‘halasana’), the shoulder stand pose (‘sarvangasana’), the triangle pose (‘trikonasana’), the torso stretch pose (‘bharadvajasana’), and the cobra pose (‘bhujangasana’).

How many minutes of facial yoga should I do each day?

Ideally, you should do facial yoga exercises for 15 to 30 minutes each day. Since it doesn’t require equipment or a gym membership, it’s easy to fit face yoga into your lifestyle.

Do face-tightening creams work?

Face-tightening creams can provide both short and long-term improvements in the firmness, elasticity, and appearance of your skin. Studies show [8] that creams and serums can offer anti-aging benefits, and the best firming face cream tightens and nourishes your skin at the same time. Choose a high-quality product, make it a standard part of your skincare routine, and combine it with facial exercises for the best results.


Facial yoga exercises can tone your skin and improve elasticity, and they’re suitable for people of all ages including teens, young adults, and mature women and men. In addition, these exercises are easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. Along with doing facial exercises, upgrade your skincare routine so it contains the key ingredients your skin requires to remain youthful and healthy.



Dr. Ahmed Zayad

Dr. Ahmed Zayad

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Written by Dr. Ahmed Zayad

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