Most of us experience bouts of dry skin, especially in the winter months when we’re exposed to cold temperatures and the arid heat inside. But some of us fall victim to severely dry skin that is irritated and flaking. Try some of these tips to relieve dryness and get through winter with soft, supple skin

  • Limit your time in the shower, ideally to just a few minutes, and pat your skin dry - no rubbing! Then apply a generous amount of a good moisturizer like Dermaxsol to capture and seal in moisture.
  • Refrain from irritating clothing around your face and neck, such as itchy, rough scarves and turtlenecks. Use a gentle laundry detergent that’s free from harsh perfumes and chemicals that may cause a reaction in your already aggravated skin.
  • Although there’s nothing like cozying up to a roaring fireplace on a chilly winter night, sitting near an open flame can really dry out your skin. Sit as far away as you can while still absorbing some of the comforting glow.
  • Try wearing a silk facial mask to sleep. First use an ultra-conditioning treatment designed especially for the eyes, such as Eyevage, that delivers intense skin-conditioning hydration. A luxurious mask will help soothe your delicate skin and lock in powerful results while you sleep.
  • Some experts say applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly (like Vaseline) over your face cream will seal in moisture and protect skin overnight. Use a potent product suited for nighttime such as Suvoderm, formulated with professional-strength ingredients for optimum hydration and rejuvenation.
Written by Melissa Feldman

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