The importance of a step-by-step skincare routine is now more recognized, thanks to influencers, brands, and even professionals who use social media to create awareness. While a complete multi-step skincare routine is a reality for some, that’s not the case for everyone, and for many of us, there’s just not enough time in the morning for everything we need to do before heading out the door!

If that sounds familiar, you’re missing the benefits of an AM skincare routine, which is just as essential as the bedtime one. After a restful “repair mode” during the night, you should prep your skin before exposing it to a day of bacteria, pollution, toxic chemical exposures, stress, and harmful UV rays and fortunately, you can with our easy and helpful guide to an AM skincare routine.

How to Apply Skincare Products in Order

You can start building your morning skincare routine based on our guide below, but remember to add some optional steps as well for your particular skin type and concerns.

AM Skincare Routine

The basic skincare morning routine 

Step #1 - Cleanser

Start your day by using a cleanser. Wash your face thoroughly to ensure the removal of impurities or bacteria that your skin may have picked up from your bedding during the night.

Use Rejuvoderm clarifying cleanser for a fresh morning routine. It is made of active ingredients with a gentle action that penetrates your skin, unclogging pores to prevent breakouts while providing a deep level of hydration.

Step #2 - Toner

Next, dab a cotton ball with toner and gently swipe it on your skin. A toner helps remove stubborn residue and balances your skin’s pH level, improving the absorption of other skincare products.

Maxatone contains natural botanicals that purify and rehydrate your skin. Its blend of gentle astringents and antiseptics has a pore-tightening effect that shields your skin from bacteria, pollutants, and environmental threats. The plant-derived extracts help improve the texture of your skin and reveal a radiant glow.

Step #3 - Serum

Add another layer of protection and moisture with a serum. These targeted treatments work at a cellular level to enhance the surface of your skin while eliminating oxidative damage from free radicals, thereby allowing new, healthy skin cells to grow.

You’ll never skip your morning routine again once you see the benefits of ExcelageneAn intensely hydrating multi-action serum, Excelagene boasts a powerful blend of low-molecular and high-molecular hyaluronic acid that works together to prevent moisture loss and imbalances. It’s also enriched with powerful peptides that give your complexion a dewy, plump appearance.

Step #4 - Eye cream

Applying an eye cream as part of the AM routine is the best way to brighten and revitalize the delicate skin in this area. This is ideal for individuals who experience dark undereye circles or bags, whether they're due to aging, are hereditary, or are caused by pulling too many all-nighters.

Wake up to a brighter morning with Eyevage. This eye rejuvenation treatment comes in a highly absorbable formula that targets the signs of aging around your eyes. Developed by leading skin experts, the clinically proven product not only works to reduce puffiness around the eye area but also smooth away lines and wrinkles by keeping the skin moisturized and well-hydrated.

Step #5 - Spot Treatment

A spot treatment a quick and easy fix for a zit that randomly pops up on your face. It makes the pimple less inflamed a few hours after application. While a spot treatment is mostly used in the evening, you can also add this to your AM regimen, as long as the ingredient is made of a light formula that won’t irritate your skin. If you have blemish-prone skin, it’s good to have this handy for an emergency remedy.

Zeroblem is a highly concentrated spot treatment containing salicylic acid that disinfects your skin, cleansing deeply to remove harmful bacteria and promote the natural healing process. Additionally, it reduces swelling, soothes irritation, and conditions the skin so it appears overall healthier.

Step #6 - Moisturizer

Moisturizer is a morning essential because it locks in moisture in your skin to maintain a healthy pH level. Lack of hydration can cause your skin to be an easy target of bacteria and toxic chemical exposures, making it inflamed and irritated. A lightweight moisturizer is preferable in the morning especially if you wear makeup.

Give your skin a refreshing wake-up call with Infusoderm. This ultra-light daily moisturizer acts as a barrier to protect your skin from harmful external factors throughout the day while delivering deep hydration for lasting softness. By infusing your skin with powerful antioxidants, the innovative formula works to repair existing damage, minimizing signs of aging and preventing the development of additional lines, wrinkles, and discoloration.

Step #7 - Sunscreen

There’s nothing more that you need but good sunscreen to protect you during all the day’s activities. Whether you’re staying indoors or getting exposed to the sun for long periods of time, the sun sends in UV rays that can harm your skin, causing wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, and rough skin texture. It’s best to cap off your AM routine with sunscreen with optimal levels of SPF, ideally 30 and up. 

Save precious time in the morning with the daily moisturizer Dermaxsol. With a hydrating formula that contains SPF30, this non-greasy, best-selling cream performs a double duty, providing powerful protection from UV rays while keeping skin soft and radiant all day long.

Starting an AM Skincare Routine

As you've seen, a morning skincare routine doesn’t need to be complicated- in fact, most of the products recommended can be used for the same steps you take with your night regimen. Plus, the benefits make it worthwhile. Set aside a good portion of your morning for your early skincare, a healthy and rewarding habit to form. 


What’s the difference between AM and PM skincare? 

The difference between AM and PM skincare routines is the goal of each regimen. The AM routine is focused on preparing your skin for the outside factors that can harm it such as pollution, chemical exposures, UV rays, and many more; a PM routine aims to repair your skin after a long day of fighting off damage.

What happens if I skip my AM skincare routine?

Skipping your AM skincare routine won’t do harm to your skin but incorporating one would be beneficial, especially if you have existing skin concerns and want to achieve optimal skin health.

What serums should I use in the morning?

Use serums in the morning that have a light consistency and are made of gentle ingredients. This is particularly important because it will not only allow for easier application of makeup, if you wear it, but will also prevent your pores from becoming clogged.

Written by Melissa Feldman

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