Advanced Exfoliation routine is a set of three powerful treatments that can be used by people of all ages and skin types. However, if you have a dry or mature skin type that is beginning to show signs of aging, this is definitely a system you’ll want to try! With regular use, the Advanced Exfoliation System not only removes the dead, flaky cells that contribute to a dull, uneven complexion, but promotes the production of fortifying proteins, giving you smooth, firm skin and a more youthful appearance.

Are you exfoliating regularly? If you have skin that is dry, delicate, or sensitive the answer is probably no because, like many people, you think exfoliation leads to redness and irritation. The fact is, everyone should incorporate exfoliation into their skincare routine on a regular basis, regardless of their skin type – you just need to find the right product! For most individuals this means avoiding harsh scrubs and opting for a formula that uses gentle fruit acids, such as Glowpeel, one of three treatments in the Advanced Exfoliation System. If you’re looking to incorporate exfoliation into your anti-aging routine (and we highly recommend you do!) here’s a closer look at the benefits of this skin-brightening bundle.

Of course, all good skincare routines start with proper cleansing. An ideal cleanser for dry or mature skin is one that removes all bacteria, make-up and debris without stripping the skin of its natural oils or upsetting the pH balance. Solvaderm’s Dermpura facial wash contains a blend of natural botanicals extracts that not only draw out impurities for a deep cleanse but impart nutrients and antioxidants that nourish and protect. Hydrators such as Glycerin and Rose Hip seed ensure the skin won’t feel tight or over-dry while Chondrus Crispus, a mineral-packed sea vegetable, reduces inflammation and soothes irritation.

Exfoliation is the second step in this system which, thanks to Glowpeel, couldn’t be easier. Simply apply a thin layer to the entire facial area, leave for a few minutes and then rinse with warm water – no rubbing or scrubbing required! The blend of natural Alpha-hydroxy acids in the lightly textured formula gently removes all dead, dry skin cells, revealing a healthier, refreshed complexion with an even, smooth surface. But that’s not all – each of the four fruit acids have numerous additional anti-aging properties, promoting cellular turnover, encouraging collagen production and reducing areas of discoloration.

Because Alpha-hydroxy acids also enhance the performance of other treatments, the beneficial effects of the final product in this three-step system will be greatly boosted! With SPF30 sunscreen and blend of potent humectants, the Dermaxsol daily moisturizer keeps skin super soft and hydrated while providing all day protection from UV rays. It even forms a waterproof barrier to ensure that moisture remains locked in, while skin-damaging pollutants and toxins stay out. Dermaxsol’s light, non-greasy texture absorbs quickly leaving no residue, making it the perfect cream to apply in the morning before make-up.

As you can see, there are so many great reasons to make exfoliation part of your anti-aging routine and it’s never too late to start – try the Advanced Exfoliation System for yourself and experience the radiant glow that comes from having healthy, revitalized skin!



Written by Melissa Feldman

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