There’s nothing attractive about dull, tired-looking skin which is why many of us go to great lengths to get our glow-on! Skin that truly radiates health and freshness does take some effort and involves a combination of good lifestyle habits and great skincare products. Here are our top 5 steps you can take to get your most radiant skin ever.

From the Inside Out

When it comes to your skin, it truly is a case of ‘you are what you eat’! While experts have disproved the direct link between eating junk food and pimples, a consistent diet of high fat, high sugar, and processed foods will result in skin that is less than stellar. Favoring fresh, organic, natural foods that are full of nutrients will give your skin the nourishment it needs and result in a clear, unblemished visage.

Keep it Clean

Healthy skin needs to breathe so using a deeply cleansing facial wash that gently removes dirt, make-up and excess oil is essential. Solvaderm’s Dermpura cleanser contains a number of highly effective cleansers and beneficial extracts such as Seaweed that eliminates pore-clogging build-up while boosting its radiance and glow.

Hydrate to the Max

We can’t over-emphasize the need for hydration when it comes to fresh, super-soft, and glowing skin. Many of us fail to drink enough water - dehydration combined with diuretics such as alcohol, coffee, and salty foods, result in parched skin that is more likely to form lines and wrinkles. Make sure you drink water at regular intervals throughout the day, not just when you’re thirsty, and use skin products that boost hydration, such as the Maxatone toner in the Solvaderm skincare line. While this effective toner removes any residue after cleansing, it also contains Hyaluronic Acid to attract moisture from the air and lock it in the skin for long-lasting hydration.

Stimulate and Strengthen

While skin can look dull at any age, mature and aging skin may need some additional help, particularly with boosting moisture levels and providing structural support. Introducing a specially formulated skincare treatment such as Stemuderm into your routine is ideal as its peptide-rich formula, combined with natural stem cells, refortifies the skin, creating a firm, fresh, youthful appearance.

Resurface and Repair

One of the absolute best ways of boosting your skin’s glow is by eliminating dead cells from the surface and letting the fresh, healthy cells shine! Using an exfoliating product with natural fruit acids on a regular basis will reduce discoloration and blemishes, even out the skin tone and promote cellular turnover. The aptly named Glowpeel by Solvaderm, does all this without causing damage or irritation so all you are left with is fresh, luminous skin.

Written by Melissa Feldman

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