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Save Our Skin Kit


If you need a little extra TLC for your skin, this powerful trio is your clinically proven solution.

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  • Smooths Away Deep Wrinkles & Fine Lines
  • Provides Powerful Antioxidant Protection
  • Deeply Cleanses To Remove All Impurities
  • Fades Age Spots & Other Types Of Discoloration
If your complexion needs a beauty boost, we’ve got your skincare solution. With its trio of customer-favorite essentials, the Save Our Skin Kit offers powerful rejuvenating benefits for every step of your routine. Learn More

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When it comes to providing extra TLC, nothing is better than this collection of clinically proven products. Thanks to the deep-cleansing, clarifying benefits of Rejuvoderm, the potent antioxidant protection of Ace-Ferulic, and the multi-action, anti-aging power of best-selling Stemuderm, the Save Our Skin Kit will leave your complexion smooth, clear, and soft to the touch. Emergency skincare has never looked so beautiful!

Benefits of Rejuvoderm

  • Deeply Cleanses Without Over-Drying
  • Gently Exfoliates To Remove Dead Cells
  • Improves Elasticity & Firmness
  • Maintains Moisture Levels

Benefits of Ace-Ferulic

  • Prevents Additional Damage To The Skin
  • Contains A Triple-Blend Of Antioxidants
  • Minimizes Signs Of Aging
  • Absorbs Quickly With No Oily Residue

Benefits of Stemuderm

  • Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkle Depth
  • Plumps The Skin & Boosts Collagen Production
  • Smooths, Firms, Tones & Hydrates
  • Fades Age Spots & Other Types Of Discoloration


Glycolic Acid is a proven, powerful exfoliant. This plant-derived alpha-hydroxy acid safely removes dull, lifeless cells and promotes cellular turnover to improve skin smoothness and give the complexion a refreshed, rejuvenated appearance.


Lactic Acid is a powerful, plant-based, alpha hydroxy acid with many benefits. In addition to its conditioning, skin-softening properties, it gently exfoliates to remove dead, dull cells and promotes cellular renewal and collagen production, strengthening your skin and improving elasticity, firmness, and tone.


Salicylic Acid is highly beneficial for oily and/or acne-prone skin. An oil-soluble beta-hydroxy acid, it dissolves excess sebum in your pores, reducing and even preventing blemishes such as blackheads and whiteheads. It also has exfoliating properties that help remove cells from your skin to visibly improve its texture and give you a smoother complexion.


A highly effective moisturizer with anti-inflammatory properties, lavender conditions and soothes extremely dry skin, leaving it softer, with a more supple texture, and a clear, balanced tone.


This potent humectant can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, making it incredibly effective for hydrating dry, flaky skin. By restoring optimal levels of hydration, Hyaluronic Acid gives skin a plump, dewy appearance and a smoother, more even surface free of fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections.


Ferulic Acid is a proven antioxidant with powerful anti-aging effects. As a plant-based compound, it works to neutralize free radicals and other environmental pollutants that can damage your skin and cause it to show premature signs of aging.


Vitamin C is another potent antioxidant that neutralizes free radical damage while also encouraging collagen synthesis to improve your skin’s elasticity and texture. Its natural lightening properties fade areas of hyperpigmentation for a clear, more evenly-toned appearance.


The antioxidant properties of vitamin E allow it to neutralize and counter the effects of free radicals on the skin. It also promotes transformation in the extracellular matrix and stimulates the synthesis of skin-strengthening collagen, while minimizing scarring and preventing the development of age spots.


Vitamin B3 combats the effects of the skin pigment melanin, which is responsible for age spots and other areas of discoloration. Over time, regular use of this vitamin will keep the skin free from all types of hyperpigmentation on your face, so it becomes evenly toned and more youthful in appearance.


Vitamin B5 boosts your skin’s natural healing powers, has humectant properties that reduce dryness, and protects from inflammation. It is particularly effective for use on skin that is easily irritated or prone to redness.


Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 is a polypeptide that works somewhat similarly to Neurotoxin A without the harsh effects or need for painful injections. Comprised of naturally occurring amino acids, this polypeptide disrupts specific pathways beneath the skin to discourage muscle contractions, thereby minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. A study of women using a cream containing Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 showed an average decrease in apparent wrinkle depth of 27% after 30 days, with some women realizing a decrease between 50 and 60%.


Also known as SYN-AKE™, this ingredient has effects somewhat similar to those of the venom from the Temple Viper snake. But, rest assured, Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate is non-toxic and completely safe. It acts to relax facial characteristics, thereby minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and reducing the repetitive muscle movements that cause them. A clinical study of this ingredient found a 52% reduction in the visibility of forehead wrinkles after 28 days and showed dramatic improvement in participants’ skin smoothness.


Acetyl Glutamyl Heptapeptide-1 helps keep muscles in a relaxed state by interfering with proteins and pathways that cause muscle contractions beneath the skin, thereby drastically reducing the appearance of wrinkles, furrows, and lines.


This peptide contains a matrikine - an amino acid compound that has multiple skin beautifying and strengthening effects. It helps improve the elasticity and strength of your skin, making it more resistant to stress and damage and encourages extracellular matrix repair and renewal to improve skin’s appearance and tone.


Matrixyl 3000 contains two matrikines that stimulate the synthesis of elastin and hyaluronic acid, a protein and a polysaccharide, respectively, that help keep your skin full, firm, and smooth. A study of this ingredient found that women who used Matrixyl 3000 for approximately two months demonstrated a 45% decrease in the overall area occupied by deep wrinkles. The study also showed reductions in apparent wrinkle density, depth, and volume and improvements to the smoothness of the skin.


Derived from a rare Swiss apple known for its incredibly long shelf life, this extract has remarkable regenerative powers that promote faster healing and cellular renewal. Additionally, the clinically proven active ingredient protects human cells, slowing the progression of the aging process, so skin retains a youthful, fresh appearance. A study of this growth enzyme complex found that 100% of participants showed a noticeable reduction in apparent wrinkle depth after 28 days.


Apricot Kernel Oil is rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants that have multiple benefits for the skin. By sealing in moisture, it protects from dryness, while its anti-inflammatory properties alleviate irritation. Light and non-greasy, this key ingredient also works to firm and tone the skin for a more youthful appearance.


This antioxidant-rich olive oil extract hydrates your skin and helps seal in moisture, giving you a dewy complexion while providing protection from free radicals and other environmental factors that cause damage. A quick-absorbing, non-clogging moisturizer with a silky-smooth texture, it also helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and stimulates skin cell transformation.


This potent humectant can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, making it incredibly effective for hydrating dry, flaky skin. By restoring optimal levels of hydration, Hyaluronic Acid gives skin a plump, dewy appearance and a smoother, more even surface free of fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections.

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The set is incredible

Fading my age spots and wrinkles. I love it!

Carol S.

Remarkable difference

These products have worked way better than anything else that I have tried. Showed a pretty remarkable difference after about a few applications. I will definitely keep using this.

Caitlin B.


This set is wonderful! It’s easy to apply and works in no time. You should try it!



My favorite skin care collection.



love it and I am happy with my purchase. My skin has never looked so good.


To use Rejuvoderm, wet your face with warm water, then massage a small amount of the product into the face and neck, avoiding direct contact with your eyes. Rinse thoroughly, then pat your skin dry. For best results, we recommend that Rejuvoderm is used twice daily as part of your morning and evening skincare routines.

Please note that Rejuvoderm contains alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) that can make your skin more sensitive to the sun and may increase the risk of sunburn. We recommend that you always apply sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or more during the day when using this product.


To use Ace-Ferulic, apply a small amount of the product with your fingertips to your face, neck, and chest, allowing it to dry fully before using any other treatment. For best results, we recommend that Ace-Ferulic is used twice daily as part of your morning and evening skincare routines.


To use Stemuderm, apply the product with your fingertips to your neck, chest, and décolleté, massaging gently into the skin. Since your skin may require some time to get used to this product, for best results, we recommend that Stemuderm is applied every other day for the first week, then twice daily as part of your morning and evening skincare routines.

Please note that this product uses a pump dispenser that will need to be ‘primed’ before initial use. To do so, place your finger over the opening and simultaneously pump the system slowly 10 to 15 times, pushing out any excess air. Repeat this procedure if your pump stops working at any later point.