Moving to Venice, Florida three years ago was a good move for Wilhelmina, and she loves everything about the place except for one thing – the toll the sun has taken on her skin! Florida is known as the ‘sunshine state’ for a reason, and although the 60-year-old former Connecticut resident made sure to always use SPF to protect from the sun’s harmful rays, she soon started to notice signs of aging developing at an alarming rate.

Like most people, undergoing cosmetic surgery was not an option for Wilhelmina, so after doing some research, you can imagine how thrilled she was to learn about Stemuderm, Solvaderm’s best-selling anti-wrinkle cream. This customer-favorite skincare treatment is clinically proven to work on multiple signs of aging, and as Wilhelmina discovered, it really does what it says it will do! Using the cream twice a day as part of her regular skincare routine, within only two weeks, she began seeing a huge difference in the texture of her skin, which not only felt soft and smooth but appeared plumper with significantly fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

In addition to its incredible anti-aging benefits, Wilhelmina also loves that Stemuderm is easy to apply, thanks to the no-mess pump bottle which dispenses the perfect amount every time, and absorbs quickly into her skin, prepping it perfectly for make-up when she uses it as part of her morning regimen.

As someone who had tried numerous anti-aging treatments in the past without success, Wilhelmina can’t say enough about this powerful, fast-acting product, urging individuals of all ages to try it. And the fact that even her husband commented on how great she looked sealed the deal – Stemuderm really works!