47-year-old Sherri is from Pennsylvania and loves to smile! The downside? Creases and lines forming around her eyes! This is a common problem, and just like many people, when Sherri first started noticing these expression lines developing, she wanted to find something to reduce the damage ASAP. For this long-time Solvaderm customer, using Eyevage was a no-brainer – Sherri knew that if it was made by Solvaderm, it would contain the high-quality ingredients she needed to get rid of those signs of aging fast. In just a few months of use, the rich, creamy formula has made a huge difference to the skin around Sherri’s eyes, moisturizing the whole area and softening the creases so they can hardly be seen at all now. As part of her daily skincare routine, along with other products in our range, Eyevage takes care of this delicate skin morning and night, giving Sherri even more reasons to smile - wrinkle-free!