For 64-year-old Pam, allergies, aging, and the strong South Florida sun, were all contributing to an increase in skin dryness and the development of lines and wrinkles. She had been treating the skin damage around her eyes for several years with Eyevage, and loved the results she’d seen, so when she decided it was time to look for a treatment for the rest of her face and neck, the obvious choice was Stemuderm, their best-selling anti-wrinkle cream.

Just as with Eyevage, Pam has been thrilled with this clinically proven treatment, applying it daily as part of her regular skincare routine after cleansing and toning. In less than a month, she has seen the fine lines and deep-set wrinkles diminish and her skin not only feels soft and smooth but appears beautifully fuller too. Pam loves that Stemuderm contains an all-natural blend of key active ingredients that work gently, yet effectively on her allergy-prone skin and she also appreciates the fact that just 2-3 pumps of the bottle dispenses the exact amount she needs with every use.

Pam has experienced real results with Stemuderm and believes in Solvaderm products 100% - she knows that once you try Stemuderm for yourself, you’ll become a faithful user too because, as she says with a big smile, it’s great!