Just because Grazia, from California, is 60 years old, it doesn’t mean she wants to look 60 years old! On the contrary, Grazia wants her skin to remain as young-looking and healthy as it possibly can as she gets older, which is why she’s always searching for the best skincare products available. It was when she was trying to find something to treat the signs of aging developing around her eyes, that she discovered our age-defying eye cream Eyevage, and one month later, Grazia is delighted with the results she’s seen already! Her skin is brighter and tighter, and she loves how the dermatologist-developed Eyevage formula never feels greasy or oily. Because it contains such a powerful blend of hydrating, antioxidant-rich ingredients that are designed specifically for the delicate eye area, Grazia can look forward to ongoing benefits from this clinically proven bestseller so, regardless of how old she is, her eye skin will always appear beautifully ageless.