There comes a point in life when the first signs of aging start appearing and for Pittsburgh resident Dee, these were wrinkles under her eyes, sagging skin, and an increase in dryness.

Dee knew that it was smart to start using an anti-aging treatment sooner rather than later but it seemed that all the various products she tried were either ‘cakey’ on her skin or left an oily residue without properly moisturizing. So, when a friend recommended Stemuderm to her, she was more than willing to try it, and now, several months later, she knows she made the right choice, experiencing a visible reduction in the lines around her eyes and the deeper wrinkles that were developing on other areas of her face.

Dee had such great success with Stemuderm that she now uses several other Solvaderm products as part of her daily skincare routine and she couldn’t be happier with her results.

If you’re just starting to see those first few lines and wrinkles, it’s time to get proactive with Stemuderm - it worked for Dee, and it will work for you too!