While most anti-aging serums focus on the face, you shouldn’t overlook the wrinkles and fine lines that can develop on your neck and chest as you age. Your regular skin care products may not work well for these areas of your body, which is why you might want to consider a specialized formula. In this review, we’ll compare Rapid Lift Advanced Neck Serum vs Revivatone to help you understand which option is right for your skin. We’ll consider the benefits of each, take a closer look at their formulas, and explore the cost of each skin care product.

What is Rapid Lift Advanced Neck Serum?

Rapid Lift Advanced Neck Serum is a product developed by Beverly Hills MD, a company that has been around for a while. The serum features a formula that specifically focuses on targeting the skin on your neck, helping to reduce the sagging of your skin while smoothing out fine lines.

As the manufacturer of the serum explains, the formula mainly offers a kind of neck lift without the need to undergo traditional lifting procedures. It’s a multi-action product that you use daily. Apart from focusing on your neck, the manufacturer explains that Rapid LIft Advanced Neck Serum will also improve the appearance of your jawlines.

The formula focuses on two specific elements to offer the benefits that the manufacturer claims it provides:

  • Pullulan: This is an ingredient that’s often used at spas. It’s a type of sugar that creates a thin layer over your skin. After it dries, it creates an illusion of smoother and firmer skin. However, these results are temporary and are a result of the pulling effect of the sugar on the skin. This means that while the product may show initial results, they are not a permanent solution for achieving smoother and firmer skin.

  • Vin-Uplift: This is a proprietary formula that’s unique to Rapid Lift Advanced Neck Serum. It focuses on using polyphenols to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your neck. It’s a formula that, along with the Pullulan, also hides your wrinkles throughout the day.

Apart from these two focus points, Rapid Lift Advanced Neck Serum also comes with a rose quartz applicator that’s thought to further contribute to a sleeker look of your neck.

What is Revivatone?

Revivatone is an intensive repairing complex developed by Solvaderm. This company has been creating top-rated skin care products for several years and continues to use the latest in skin science and technology to bring you highly effective formulas.

The formula was created by a team that’s highly experienced in creating skin care products. The final product has a creamy texture that absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave behind any unpleasant streaks or greasy residues.

You also get a compact bottle that makes it easy to store Revivatone and even take it with you when you decide to travel. The pump dispenser at the top of the container ensures you can squeeze out just the right amount of the formula when you want to apply it to your neck. Apart from your neck, the formula was also created to target fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin on your chest area.

In addition to allowing you to tighten your skin and reduce the appearance of aging signs, like wrinkles, there are other benefits that Solvaderm’s Revivatone also focuses on. The formula contains ingredients that help address discolorations and an uneven skin tone while repairing and hydrating your skin.


Rapid Lift Advanced Neck Serum vs Revivatone Ingredients

The ingredients that a neck serum uses can tell you a lot about the formula and how effective it may be. In this section, you’ll learn more about the ingredients that Rapid Lift Advanced Neck Serum and Revivatone use. We’ll take a look at each ingredient's formula, including the potential that each ingredient offers when it comes to tightening your skin, reducing sagging, and fading wrinkles or fine lines.

Rapid Lift Advanced Neck Serum Ingredients

The two main ingredients that Rapid Lift Advanced Neck Serum focuses on include Pullulan and the Vin-Uplift proprietary blend. We’ve already taken a closer look at these two compounds that are part of the formula.

Both of these ingredients focus on providing a camouflage for wrinkles that appear on your neck. The addition of the Pullulan pulling sugar creates a pulling effect that hides the appearance of sagging skin.

One thing that we did find is that the Rapid Lift Advanced Neck Serum formula contains fragrance as one of the ingredients. While this may add a nice smell to the serum, it can cause irritation and sensitivity reactions in some people. Thus, if you generally have sensitive skin, it’s important to be careful if you decide to opt for this serum. It’s a good idea to do a spot test first to make sure you don’t experience reactions.

Revivatone Ingredients

Revivatone is from Solvaderm, which means you can expect this serum to focus mostly on natural ingredients. Let’s take a closer look at what the formula contains:

  • Hyaluronic Acid: This is a hydrating ingredient that’s naturally part of the skin. As you get older, levels of hyaluronic acid start to decline. Revivatone aims to restore optimal levels of this natural chemical. It helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and improves the appearance of your skin.

  • Hexapeptide-10: This is a type of peptide known for stimulating the skin to produce certain proteins. When this happens, your skin begins to look firmer and fuller.

  • Acetyl Dipeptide-13: Acetyl Dipeptide-13 is an ingredient that stimulates the skin and focuses on increasing the production of collagen, which is responsible for skin elasticity. This boost in collagen production results in firmer and more toned skin. Additionally, it may also reduce the degradation of your skin elastin. Overall, this ingredient helps improve skin elasticity and maintain a youthful appearance.

Revivatone vs Rapid Lift Advanced Serum Pricing

When you’re looking to get a new skincare product to take care of neck wrinkles and sagging skin in this area, you shouldn’t just focus on the brand, what the formula does, and the ingredients. It’s important that you also consider the pricing for each of the skincare products that you take a closer look at.

Rapid Lift Advanced Neck Serum Pricing

If you compare Rapid Lift Advanced Neck Serum vs Revivatone, you’ll quickly notice that the product from Beverly Hills MD is much more expensive compared to Solvaderm’s products.

A single tube of this serum costs $139. This includes free shipping if you are a Luxe Loyalty Member. You can sign up for free on the company’s website if you want to join as a member, but this adds an extra step before you’re able to go through the checkout process.

Apart from the single tube option, there are two other packages that you can choose from:

  • 2 tubes @ $125 per tube ($250 total)
  • 3 tubes @ $118 per tube ($354 total)

Revivatone Pricing

Solvaderm’s Revivatone is the more affordable choice between these two neck serums that we’re looking at in this review. You can get one bottle of Revivatone for $49. If you subscribe to an automatic replenishment service, you get a discount, bringing the price down to $42 per bottle.

Apart from the Revivatone product, each order also includes a free lip balm worth $13.

There is an option to get free shipping at Solvaderm. You don’t need to join as a member, but you need to ensure your cart total is $60 or more.

Final Verdict: Which Serum is Best For Your Neck?

When choosing the right serum, it’s important to keep your preferences, allergies, and sensitivities in mind. After taking a look at both Rapid Lift Advanced Neck Serum and Revivatone, we can clearly see that Solvaderm’s Revivatone serum is the superior choice. It’s a hydrating formula that uses mostly natural ingredients to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the texture of your skin.


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