Laugh lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles across the forehead, those dreaded ‘scowl’ lines between our eyes – while these have all developed over time from the repetitive facial expressions that are a natural part of life, it doesn’t mean that we want to live with them!

With Stemuderm, you don’t have to - this powerful, clinically proven treatment lets you show all your emotions while remaining beautifully wrinkle free!

Stemuderm offers a safe, highly effective alternative to cosmetic injections that are not only expensive and painful but often leave the individual with an unnaturally ‘frozen’ appearance. While it was specifically developed to inhibit facial muscle contractions naturally using a unique blend of potent peptides, Stemuderm also offers multiple other anti-aging benefits, creating a younger-looking, healthy complexion that is smoother, softer, and fully hydrated.

Stemuderm is suitable for all skin types and can easily be incorporated into your existing skincare routine – simply apply it to any area where visible signs of aging occur, including the face, neck, and chest, twice a day after cleansing and toning.

In clinical studies, 100% of participants saw a significant difference in wrinkle depth within just 4 weeks! No wonder our customers love it so much!




This is not my first Solvaderm product, but everything I've tried from them has been really great. This is a really great line. I started using this recently and it fills in the lines and wrinkles, and smooths out the look of my skin. My cheeks look firmer and feel firmer. 10 out of 10 for sure. - Alyssa F.


I've seen huge changes to the deep creases and deep lines in my cheeks. Especially around my mouth and lips. This treatment has really worked wonders on my skin. - Katie M.


This got rid of my deep horizontal forehead wrinkles and softened my deep elevens between my brows. My skin feels incredibly smooth and baby soft. THANK YOU! - Rebecca W.  

So, go ahead - express yourself as much as you want and let Stemuderm take care of the rest! 
Written by Melissa Feldman

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